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Get a closer look into Anikaa, uniquely designed with the latest technologies and features that will drive the change towards a greener future. A reliable product made with a fibre body, this vehicle is super comfortable and has ample leg space. Drive into the future with Anikaa for a better tomorrow!

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More wheelbase

Anikaa features best-in-class legroom for passengers as well as a driver cabin area, giving everyone king-size space. Extremely spacious and comfortable.


Passenger cum loader

Anikaa is a dual-purpose vehicle that can be quickly converted from a passenger rickshaw to a goods carrier in no time. Easy to fold seats to convert into a cargo vehicle.


Aerodynamic design Optimization

Anikaa is uniquely designed with aerodynamic design optimization which has the addition of an air dam that creates an additional downforce on the vehicle, resulting in improved traction and stability.


Double-column front fork with a dual shocker

Anikaa is uniquely designed with a combination of a double-column front fork with a dual shocker providing more stability and unbeatable performance of vehicle compared to any other vehicle of its category.


Anikaa is designed with world class EV design and latest technology features to meet your business needs in the most efficient manner.Watch out for Anikaa, for it comes brimming features. Here are the top features of Anikaa!


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The in-built pipe structure in front and rear panels  protect passengers against crashes and give better vehicle strength. The optional hard-top roof provides all-year weather protection. It’s made with a fibre body and has hydraulic shock absorbers for even tougher roads, carefully engineered while maintaining a high ground clearance for rough road conditions.nsectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Anikaa  is redefining the passenger rides for you- Extremely comfortable and spacious. It’s made with a tough steel body, the noise-less, vibration-free, comfortable ride gives a fatigue-free experience to drivers as well as passengers. Its seats are specially designed for driver and passenger comfort with a total seating capacity of 5 persons Driver +4 seats making the ride experience smooth and comfortable.

Anikaa provides best-in-class driver ergonomics with well-designed seating and space to help reduce the stress and strain on the spine (neck and low back), shoulders, hips, and legs, allowing the driver to attain a comfortable and convenient position while driving. The cabin  is designed such that it allows the driver to adjust his posture easily and also allow the driver to move his legs easily while driving. The ergonomically designed brake pedal offers effortless breaking.

Anikaa comes with wider , slanted and stronger windshield that  increase safety. This windshield has strengthened glass that is immune to scratches and provides greater protection to keep projectiles out and passengers inside if there is an accident.

Anikaa is designed with a unique canvas top roof with an optional hard-top roof that provides all-year weather protection.Anika has an in-built LED tail light that often lasts for the entire life of the vehicle, is resistant to vibrations, lights up faster than other lights, and provides more light per watt.

Anikaa offers a robust chassis structure which is carefully designed based on the variable loads along the length of the vehicle.With well quality of welding and welding joints designed to reduce the failure at the joint.