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Look at the chaos around us! The future of mobility is at a critical point of inflection. Every time oil prices spike or climate change is debated, Electric Vehicles (EVs) are inevitably mentioned as a part of the solution. While taking a step towards green emissions is an obvious promise of EVs, this presents a multipronged approach to stand against the odds posed by the use of various conventional modes of fuel. The idea has been hailed as a solution and is being taken into consideration for implementation in cities all around the world as a remedy to urban congestion and pollution. 

E-Rickshaws have the potential to revolutionize public transportation, making it easier and more convenient to get around. They also reduce congestion by allowing people to travel without relying on other vehicles. E-Rickshaws will become the most popular and convenient form of public transportation, which provide everyone with an emission-free and environmentally friendly mode of transportation. Public transportation expenses have been continuously growing in most places as a result of the spiraling costs of conventional fuel. In light of these rising expenditures, operating an e-rickshaw is comparatively inexpensive. 

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Growing pollution has become a threat in most Indian cities, including small cities that have become a menace. The one factor that has contributed largely to it is the pollution emitted is that of public transportation that is run on conventional fuel. The transport sector accounts for 18% of total energy consumption in India. Governments are looking for alternative sources of fuel, like electricity. And India aims to become a major player in the global electric vehicle market.

The government of India is giving a major boost to the Indian Electrical Vehicles Sector as EVs are an affordable and environmentally friendly mode of transportation with the enormous potential to close the first and last-mile connectivity gap. The Government has been focusing on stepping up electric vehicle manufacturing. In an effort to reduce emissions and halt the depletion of natural resources, the government has launched numerous PILs and policies that support the EV ecosystem in India. State governments have announced many  EV policies that promote both the demand and supply side through incentives, discounts, and other benefits. These policies have gradually and steadily accelerated the use of electric vehicles in India.

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Get Green, Go electric with Anikaa

Despite the availability of cab-hailing aggregators, most Indians prefer public transportation, creating a large demand for last and first-mile commutes. Here comes Anikaa by incorporating cutting-edge technologies into vehicle,Anikaa,aims of taking e-mobility to the masses, and addresses issues of micro-mobility, short distance commute, a few kilometers or less, to get from your origin to the nearest transportation hub.  We fulfill first and last-mile ride and delivery service and use our energy business to maximize the driver-partners productivity.Anikaa connects masses to the public transportation. Give driver technology to manage the demand in real time.Anikaa  delivers the best in e-mobility, setting you on the path to sustainable mobility for a greener planet.