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Anikaa offers best in class EV performance with its unique features offering higher savings, superior ride quality and best in-class space.Turn your every day into an adventure with Anikaa.Explore the features offered by Anikaa.



Best in class motor power

With 1.2 KW of peak power, Anikaa's built-in BLDC motor performs excellently. The motor is more efficient, lightweight, and has a large range of speeds. With a better efficiency motor Anikaa provides a warranty of 12 months on the motor and controller.


High Torque

Anikaa has best-in-segment acceleration with 25 Nm torque, which makes driving enjoyable. . With a high torque, Anikaa enables efficient,energy-saving driving and is easier for driving up steep inclines.


Better Gradeability 8 deg

Anikaa is designed keeping in mind your needs. Anikaa comes with a high gradeability of 8 degrees makes it easy to climb slopes & flyovers, have good speed, and gives you the extra push that you need.


Better brake performance

Anikaa comes with a highly efficient brake system with both a wheeled disc brake system and a combi brake system improving the vehicle's performance. It offers quite a large braking power, can stop high-speed vehicles, and have more control over a vehicle with no skidding of tires.


Anikaa is designed with world class features to meet your business needs in the most efficient manner.Watch out for Anikaa, for it comes brimming features. Here are the top features of Anikaa!


Electric vehicle performance

Anikaa can travel up to 100 Km + on a single charge  on road conditions. Anikaa is inbuilt with a 5.3 kWh Lithium Ion Battery which is easy to operate with low maintenance and running cost.

Anikaa offers a speed of 25 km/hr with a comfortable and smooth ride

Type –  BLDC

Peak Torque@ RPM (Nm@rpm) – 25 @ 303

Rated Torque@ RPM (Nm@rpm) – 0.5 @ 3500

IP Grade                                   –    IP67

Brake Type – Hydraulic Disc

Ground Clearance (mm) – 215

Gearbox type-  Single reduction gearbox

Speed option – Single speed

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Electric vehicle Part performance
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