Best technology in EV enabling- real-time tracking, crash detection, trip detection and access based control system

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Know your technology driven ANIKAA

Anikaa is engineered and manufactured with well-advanced technology to deliver the utmost satisfaction while performing better, faster, and longer than anything. This is not just a technology but a wholesome customized and designed solution to empower our drivers and fleet owners. Technology is so perfect to redefine your definition. Specifications well above those in the market. Here are the top features of Anikaa!



Lithium Ion Battery

The Anikaa is powered by an advanced lithium-ion technology battery with an energy of 5.3 Kwh. The battery’s capacity and unique features make sure maximum performance, which further leads to better savings for the owner


Portable Quick Charger

Anikaa provides a portable quick charger that is highly efficient and consumes very little power. Unlike other chargers, it takes less power from the Mains supply. It can be charged anywhere as it comes with a portable charger and can be charged using a 15 A socket. It just takes t 3hrs and 30 min to fully Charge Anikaa.


Regeneration braking system

Anikaa comes with the regeneration braking system which captures the kinetic energy from braking and sends it right back to your EV’s battery pack extending your driving range and ensuring minimum wastage of energy. That means less time spent charging and more time getting where you need to go.


CAN (Control Area Network) Based

Anikaa comes with a high-integrity CAN (Control Area Network) Based system for networking intelligent devices. CAN provide an inexpensive, durable network that helps multiple CAN devices communicate with one another and provides motor and battery data on a cluster.


Technology is more than a simple GPS system, With Anikaa get access to tomorrow’s real-time driving experience. Anikaa comes with some special smart features with Low Investment and High Returns. 


Ev technology in india

Gearbox type-  Single reduction gearbox

Speed option – Single speed