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How Anika Helps Businesses To Earn More?

E-rickshaws offer economical and environmentally friendly transportation to the general public. For Indian entrepreneurs, it has proven a successful and practical business alternative. The market for electric rickshaws has seen an increase in demand as a result of rising pollution and the rising cost of gasoline. The e-rickshaw is positioned as a cheap method of intermediate public transportation over short-to-medium distances. Therefore, businesses have a lot of options to choose from when purchasing e-rickshaws. Anikaa is exceptional because they produce high-quality goods and take into account client requirements and feedback. The travelling cost is less, and the ride is more comfortable compared to traditional rickshaws.

Anikaa Features That Help Businesses Make Money:

  1. Anikaa provides a portable quick charger that is highly efficient and consumes very little power. It just takes 3 hours and 30 minutes to fully charge Anikaa.
  2. Anikaa is furnished with a BLDC motor with a peak power of 1.2 KW.
  3. The vehicle is large, allowing more passengers to travel, and offers best-in-class legroom for passengers as well as a driver’s cabin area, giving everyone king-size space. extremely spacious and comfortable, which is definitely beneficial for e-rickshaw businesses.
  4. Anikaa is a dual-purpose vehicle that can be quickly converted from a passenger rickshaw to a goods carrier in no time. Seats can be easily folded to convert the vehicle into a cargo vehicle.
  5. Anikaa is uniquely designed with a combination of a double-column front fork and a dual shocker, providing more stability and unbeatable performance compared to any other vehicle of its category.
  6. It comes with one tool kit for configuring your vehicle for Indian weather and road conditions.
  7. Seamless monitoring and a real-time tracking feature make a fleet owner a pro at management.
  8. Anikaa comes with a lithium-ion battery that is easy to operate and has low maintenance and operating costs.
  9. Anikaa offers crash detection and overspeeding detection and gives you alerts and notifications.
  10. Anikaa is designed with a unique canvas top roof and an optional hard-top roof that provides all-year weather protection.
  11. Anikaa comes with a regeneration braking system that captures the kinetic energy from braking and sends it right back to your EV’s battery pack, extending your driving range and ensuring minimum wastage of energy.

There are a lot of other features along with these that make Anikaa a low investment with high returns. Businesses can definitely trust Anikaa when purchasing electric vehicles, as they are sure to earn more profit because of the advanced technology features these vehicles are equipped with.

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